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The Racket #34: Celebrity w/ Leland Cheuk

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Alley Cat hosts events almost every night of the week! Poetry readings, book releases, art openings, film screenings, square dances, and workshops all happen in our handsome art gallery.

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The Racket #34: Celebrity w/ Leland Cheuk

We're not going to sugar coat it: we're a little obsessed with the idea of CELEBRITY. Not like we're sneaking around the perimeter of Brad Pitt's house, trying to get a glance of him in a towel or anything (those days are past us). We mean, the idea of our national obsession with those who are famous. The magazines and the websites and the television programs that we all zombie-like consume, hands outstretched, reaching for more famous people stuffffff. Why? Seriously, someone tell us, when did our collective brains fuse into sawdust bricks who's only ability is to want to be someone more 'famous' then us?

Leland Cheuk (7.13 Books), the author of the upcoming No Good Bad Asian is coming to town to help us figure it out because we need someone of his talent to unravel the knot of confusion. You should come and watch it happen, it'll be exhilarating.

And yes, there will be free beer.

The Readers:

Leland Cheuk
Jared Roehrig
Kirin Khan
Preeti Vangani
Yalitza Ferreras
Benjamin Bac Sierra
Vincent Chu
Kim Magowan