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We have worked hard to build a store that is creative, unique, and inspirational--only stocking the most exciting, strange, beautiful, and politically radical literature we can. We want you to walk away with the book you never knew you wanted or needed. We also want you to have a place to see paintings, hear poetry, watch queer film, and be a part of this historic city for the arts. WE CAN KEEP DOING AND MAKE IT EVEN BETTER WITH YOUR HELP!

Alley Cat is a bookstore & gallery but it is so much more!

Alley Cat is a community oriented bookstore and gallery that hosts workshops, a writing residency, film nights, monthly art shows, and readings almost every day of the week. We've been here for eight magnificent years and we are dedicated to remaining an accessible and free space that helps to nurture creativity in San Francisco in a conscientious and grassroots way.

The price of rent and cost of living in San Francisco has skyrocketed, forcing many artists and longtime residents out of the city. Independent bookstores are in steep competition with Amazon, which provides books at a cheaper price but without paying local taxes, helping employ local artists, providing any space to the San Francisco community, or giving you a space to talk to a human being and not an algorithm. The landscape of bookselling and of San Francisco is changing and we are searching for new ways to adapt and survive in this climate. Alley Cat is currently almost breaking even financially but we would like to pay our employees a living wage, make improvements to the store, and make sure the space is sustainable into the future as the cost of living continues to climb.

We are asking YOU to contribute what you can and become a benefactor of this space so we can continue to do this work, and help keep the arts alive in San Francisco. For the cost of a fourth wave cup of coffee every month and for less than an Amazon Prime subscription, you can support us in doing what we're doing and help us work towards several long term goals that will make Alley Cat more beautiful and sustainable. In return we can offer you a big party, discounts, free limited-edition chapbooks and zines, and the satisfaction of being a part of this project we love and we hope you do to. 

Things we would like to do and which any Patreon subscriptions will help to subsidize:

  • Giving our employees a raise

  • Re-installing and reigniting the neon in the store's outside signage

  • Bring the entrance of the store up to ADA requirements (Required by the City of San Francisco in 2019)

  • Improvements to the event/gallery space

  • Expansions to the Writers-In-Residence Program

Perks for Patrons:

  • a big party

  • discounts

  • free limited-edition chapbooks and zines

  • the satisfaction of being a part of this project we love and we hope you do to.