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Carolee W

Carolee is an artist who likes fiction, memoir, and a smattering of speculative fiction. She takes great pleasure in reading everything new that comes into the YA section "for research.”

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Kate Marsh

Katie is a bookseller and a poet who lives in a yellow house in San Francisco. She likes to read poetry and non-fiction, usually both at the same time in hopes that they will speak to each other.

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Kate Marsh

Raul Ruiz is a poet interested in contemporary Latin American literature (the written skies are crackling over there right now, everyone!), poetry, and roundabout theology. He is working on his first collection of poetry, and writing songs no one will ever hear. (Thom Yorke, if you're reading this, hey dude.) 

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Kate Marsh

Simon Crafts is a poet and bookseller. He is the resident theory-nerd at Alley Cat Books and helps co-administrate the Writer in Residence program. He shares a birthday with Walter Benjamin and Roky Erickson.

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